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Whether you are looking to provide a wireless internet access to a couple customers at your small café, or a couple hundred guests at your hotel, our UniFi wireless networking platform provides a reliable enterprise-grade solution to cover your entire property with WiFi access for a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions from other hardware vendors.

Now that whether for business or pleasure most people travel with at least one device that can access the internet via WiFi, it’s more important than ever to provide a fast and robust wireless network across your property, while still providing security for both the wireless client and your own internal network and devices.

Enterprise-Grade Reliability and Compatibility

Developed and produced by one of the leaders in commercial and industrial wireless communications companies in the United States, our wireless access points offer high performance and compatibility while maintaining an elegant cosmetic appearance which nicely blends into any building design. With several hardware options, we have access points that can be mounted indoors on a wall or ceiling, out outdoors on a wall or mounting pole.

UniFi on a Map

Separate, Isolated Guest Network

For security, two wireless SSIDs allow you to separate your staff and business devices from guests. Wireless clients that are connected to the guest network are isolated and unable to access your own internal network, effectively separating devices on your business network from those of your guests.

Guest Bandwidth Restrictions

Most network guests are usually unaware of your subscribed internet connection speed. With the advent of high definition video, streaming media, file downloads and other content, a single user can easily max out your available internet bandwidth, causing other users to suffer slow speeds or no access at all. With UniFi, wireless guests can be assigned to a user group automatically depending on which wireless network they connect to the internet through where maximum bandwidth speed restrictions can be placed on a group or per-device basis.

Integrated Branded Splash Page with Voucher Support

Offering access to paying guests while restricting it to neighbors is difficult and tedious when relying on a pre-shared wireless key. Our centralized management system provides an easy to use front-desk portal that allows staff to print voucher codes that allow access to the network for any amount of pre-set time chosen by you. Vouchers can be printed in advance and are consumed once activated, authorizing a single wireless device, giving you full control over who can connect to the network and keeping bandwidth leeches off your wireless network.

Multi-Site Ready and Infinitely Expandable

With L3 provisioning, you can manage and operate wireless access points and networks across as many buildings, sites or businesses, all controlled by a single unified controller, guaranteeing the same experience for your users across all your sites and wireless roaming from site-to-site in real-time without the wireless client having to re-authorize the device.

While our UniFi hardware platform is extremely flexible; each property and building(s) is different and as such we can only provide very rough estimates without doing a full on-site survey. If you are looking to install a new system or replace an old system, please contact us for more information.

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